March 08, 2007

True To Form

As always, when I come back from a break, we get more twisted linkage and funny stuff. The longer the hiatus, the more fun stuff. Thus, buckle in... here comes a doozy.

Housing Market Slumping

For those of you who follow the news, especially as relates to the US Economy, you will recall hearing a wide variety of speculation as to the viability of the US Housing Market, especially as regards to overinflated housing prices due to speculation. Well, the home-builders are predicting an ongoing housing slump. And because they're home-builders and not bankers, they're telling it like it is in language that the common man can understand. The CEO of the second-largest building company in the nation says it best: "I don't want to be too sophisticated here, but 2007 is going to suck, all 12 months of the calendar year."

Best Legal Deposition EVER

This is 5 minutes of pure awesome. It's PG-13 or so owing to the lady's language. Incidentally, by minute 2 or 3 you might be tempted to stop watching, but keep going because it gets better. On an unrelated note: the clothing is awesome, as is the slapstick.

More Legal Fun

Herein are contained the legal woes of one Harry Franklin. Mr. Franklin continued to file suits pro se which numbered well over one hundred at the point at which this district court judge finally penned a complaint regarding Franklin's litigious and frivolous nature:

This is another chapter in the Harry Franklin saga. No longer am I tempted to call it the final chapter, as desirable as that would be to me. I mention mournfully that only the finality of death-his or mine-would enable the other of us to use the term “final” in that way. And, of course, if mine comes first, I have no doubt that another judge will someday express lamentations such as these. They will be packaged and labeled, by reason of tradition, as opinions.

Visit the link above to see a best-of run-down of Franklin's numerous lawsuits which include suits alleging the abridging of his right to be supplied with t-shirts, a $2 million suit against a television station for misidentifying a 14-wheeler as an 18-wheeler, and a lawsuit against the state for passing legislation that stands in the way of him being governor.

Ingenuity, Desperation, or Something

Shock of shocks, bathrooms were vandalized with graffiti at a Tampa high school last week. Problematically, in a school of 3000 students, all but one set of bathrooms were closed, causing problems with tardiness and long lines. In search of an answer and to avoid tardiness, students have taken up the low-tech alternatives of bushes and even water bottles as options to relieve themselves. Wow.

In The Name of Science

Because of the endangered nature of elephants, there is a larger than usual interest in ensuring their reproduction and procuring offspring. As with other endangered animals, this typically involves advanced scientific methods like sperm injections, artificial insemination etc. Unfortunately, the... unwieldy... size of an elephant poses unique difficulties... and risks. Ever gotten a black eye from an elephant's dick?

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