February 01, 2007

Fit to Print Redux

While I sit here cogitating on a real post, I have more signs of the coming apocalypse...

Using Too Much of Your Own Product

Apparently, some dealer thought it would be a good idea to ship some pot FedEx. And by "some" I mean SEVENTY POUNDS. 70 lbs of pot is enough to set off drug dogs in the next town... yeah, ship that FedEx from Arizona to New Jersey and see what happens.

Stealing Guard-Rails for Fun and Profit

With the advent of aluminum fetching $3 a pound for scrap metal, some Californians struck on a brilliant idea: there's tons of aluminum just lying on the side of the road. Well... it might be bolted down, but at roughly $30 a foot, the aluminum in the guard-rails is worth cutting a couple of bolts. And in one month, crooks enterprising entrepreneurs in California have stolen 3,000 feet of guard rails to the tune of ~$90,000 worth of aluminum.

Emergency 911

And lastly... the capstone of cleverness, a Salt Lake City man with a tooth-ache simply couldn't take it any more and called 911. 12 times. In 5 hours. Oh... and he was on the phone for 30 minutes several of those times. He refused an ambulance and police assistance, asserted that he wanted illegal drugs taken off the street and he wanted the phone number of someone who could help ease the pain. After police were dispatched twice to check on the man and he failed to stop calling while failing to communicate what help he needed, he was arrested for 911 abuse. When he was booked he was found to be intoxicated... with a dentist appointment scheduled for the next day.

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