January 29, 2007


When one attempts to get back to blogging regularly, the best way to do it is by posting all of the wonderful things one has found and failed to blog... at least that works for me:

Biggest DeadPool Party

Actually... it's mostly just a party planned to celebrate the death of one man: Fidel Castro. Way to go Miami... which even went so far as to establish a commission to figure out a theme, t-shirts, musicians and party duration. I do believe that this is the first time I've ever heard of a whole city planning a party to mark the death of a world leader since WWII. Apparently, the party has been in the works for some time but someone figured that with Fidel's death apparently looming, someone ought to actually make some plans.

Blame Canada

Apparently the Canadian government is currently considering whether or not to make children wear helmets while sledding. It is currently just a recommended guideline for sledding by Health Canada (the Canadian federal board of health.) I mean, I understand the risks of hitting one's head on stuff... but honestly... what's next? Rollbars for the sleds?

The Great Phallic Fence

Apparently in the Hindu faith, the Shiva Linga (read: giant penis) is a symbol of fertility and good fortune, depending on who you ask. So the proprietor of The Sappaya Spa in the town of Phuket (I'm not making this up) decided that a fence made of 18 giant penises would bring good fortune from Shiva.

Understandably, the neighbors and members of this mostly-Buddhist village were none too pleased that the Spa, which was located near the entrance to town, was sporting such a... noticeable fence. Complaints flooded in and the owner of the fence has decided to transform the phalluses into lotus blossoms.

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