November 13, 2006

Customer Interaction

It's not often that you see a company representative crack back on an idiot customer in the company forums, so I figured that I would highlight one such instance.

A warning: the game is World of Warcraft... one which many of you have been fastidiously avoiding the very mention of. That said, the referenced interaction is so peripherally involved that you really don't even need to understand anything about the game. It makes a little bit more sense if you understand that the game as it stands only allows land-bound movement (i.e. walking, riding a horse) and while the new expansion will include flying abilities, these abilities will only be allowed in a new area as existing areas weren't created with the additional requirements that non-land-bound movement imposes. Oh... the quotation?

You're right, we could completely half ass the entire thing and put invisible walls everywhere breaking immersion, making flight in Azeroth counter-intuitive, and even less useful than if we hadn't even spent the time in the first place.

If you want to pretend you know how to design a game, or more importantly, you know the design of this game including the personnel, tools, and logistics involved, you can go right ahead, but I would appreciate it if you didn't call me a liar when my statements don't match up with your armchair musings. Thank you.
- Drysc - Blizzard World of Warcraft Community Manager

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