November 10, 2006

Robot Insurrection

A while ago, I read about a robot sommelier that can scan bottles of wine and identify the contents without opening the bottle. Apparently said robot can do the same thing with meat and cheese, leading a reporter to insert his own finger for identification. The result? Bacon. I, for one, welcome our new finger-eating overlords.

In other signs of the coming apocalypse, outgoing MS co-president Jim Allchin is so confident in the security of Windows Vista that he has his son running it without an anti-virus. I think this should instead be filed under 101 signs that MS Execs are retards... right next to the Zune. Speaking of, the New York Times has a review up of the Zune... which indicates that it's just like the iPod except that it's bigger, heavier, harder to use, and brown. Oh, and the much-anticipated wireless antenna knocks a whole hour off of the battery life on each charge.

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