March 31, 2006

Rights of Illegals

I'm working up a big post on illegal immigration, as I have lots of strong feelings on the whole subject (and even a couple that are not horrific in their political incorrectness), but right now I've got a simple little train of thought. Why do people keep carping on the rights of illegal aliens?

I mean, sure, they've got some basic human rights. But the way I'm hearing certain people talk, it's like by trying to punish and deport illegal aliens for having broken a law, we're depriving them of some right that they have. The only thing I can compare it to is someone pissing and moaning about the rights of bank robbers after they've been caught as regards their continued freedom and rights to keep their stolen money.

You know, the more I like the bank robber:illegal alien analogy, the more I like it. Essentially victimless crimes on a microscopic level, crimes against society on a macroscopic level, not necessarily (but potentially) violent crimes, trying to improve their status in life by breaking the law... alright, so maybe I am going to be a bit politically incorrect.

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