February 09, 2006

Modem != DVD Burner

Cynic: Hello?
Customer on Phone: Hey! Y'all done work on my modem and now my DVD burner done kickin DVD's out instead o' burnin' 'em, and was workin' too!
Cynic: I'm sorry ma'am, could I get your name and number? (We haven't done any modem work that I'm aware of in some time)

*Customer gives name and number* ...yeah, she's not in the system, must have been sometime last year.

Cynic: Ma'am, I'm sorry, you're not in the new system... could you tell me when we did that work on your computer?
Customer: Sho' am been a couple o' months... ain't been no year, but it's been a couple o' months.
Cynic: And we did work on your DVD Burner?
Customer: No! I done told you that! You worked on my modem!
Cynic: Ma'am, when did your DVD burner start kicking out DVDs.
Customer: Been about a week or two now.
Cynic: Ma'am, being as that the work we did on your computer was on your modem and being as that it was some months between when this work was done and when your DVD Burner started acting up, I can hardly see how they're related.
Customer: Oh... I see. Well, I guess I'll call the people that made the burner. Mebbe they be more help den you!
Cynic: Have a nice day ma'am.

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