November 27, 2005

Libertarian Turmoil

So we went to What-a-burger this evening to get a late night meal, and the topic came up that Anna had had some students in her student teaching that had worked 3rd shift.

Now, as a former resident of a fairly liberal state (New York), the notion of a high school student working 3rd shift on a school night about sent me into shock. Anna countered with the point, "Aren't you the Libertarian?" and I must admit that it stung the old brain a bit.

Which raises an interesting point... while it seems obvious that allowing a 10-year-old to work 3rd shift seems to be some sort of human rights violation, the same thing at 18 is perfectly legal. Now, I allow that theere ought to be a gradual relaxation of work prohibitions in the middle... but where exactly does a Human Right stop and Socialistic Government Meddling take over? Should the government be allowed to mandate a 40 hour work week or should the market regulate itself?

more later... comment for now...

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