November 04, 2005

Political Leanings

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Social Liberal
(63% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
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It's not very often that I go into my own political leanings in writing, mostly because they seem to be in constant flux with very few certainties... and also because such discussion, as has often been speculated in the Ice Cave, tends to create more divisions and bickering than it does accomplish much good.

By way of example of my own unstable stances, though I'm a big fan of fiscal conservatism, I really do appreciate the arts. One side of my brain argues that if taxes weren't so exorbitant, the patronage system that was so prevalent throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance would take over... the other argues for the generally depraved and wanton nature of a society who would never enjoy immediate benefit at large from the largesse of the elite.

That fiscal conservatism is contrasted with a social liberalism in the sense that, though I believe that homosexuality is aberrant and morally reprehensible, I have a hard time justifying a government with a separation of Church and State legislating Judeo-Christian belief on what is essentially a victimless crime. Granted, the case can be argued that every "victimless crime" has its perpetrators as victims... but I have an especially hard time with legislation that protects citizens from themeselves. In short, all of my stances seem to be rather fluid things... and that is somewhat unsettling to me. Open-mindedness is all well and good, as long as there is something at the core.

Fortunately while all of my politics seem relatively subject to change I can hold close to the few truths that are known to me:

1) Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind and strength
2) Love your neighbor as yourself

...Wow, that kind of got long, windy and introspective. I think I'll shut up now and paraphrase a famous Watson-ism: As long as I'm getting older and continue to find that I'm asking more questions and am sure of fewer answers, I think I'm going in the right direction.

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