July 12, 2005

Destroyed to Check Authenticity

There was once an American of Iranian extraction named Cyrus Karr. Like many college students whom you may know, Cyrus was an aspiring film-maker. Working as an independant film-maker, Cyrus had acquired some financial backing and was filming an archaelogical documentary on the Persian King, Cyrus the Great. To film for this documentary, Cyrus went to Afghanistan and then to Iraq.

In Iraq, problems developed for Cyrus. You can read about his 50 day stay in the hands of the US Military and the FBI here. You can read how this former member of the Navy had his passport destroyed in testing for authenticity, his house searched, his film destroyed, and his freedom appropriated for 50 days. Oh yeah, and the ACLU has taken up his case. Every conservative in America had better take back one bad thing they've said about the ACLU in return.

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