March 03, 2005

The Fine Art of Wench Management

Following is the outline from my speech in Col. Payton's Speech and Communication class today. If I have time and enough response, I'll rework it to an actual transcript form:

  1. What Is Wench Management
    1. Making the Women Around You Act Reasonably
      1. Scenarios from real life
    2. Why Do I Care?
      1. Immortal Question: "Do I look good in this?"
      2. Three Words: Irrational, Illogical, Over-Emotional
  2. Could I Learn?
    1. Are you a rational person?
    2. Do you need to learn?
      1. LeTourneau
      2. Real World
  3. How Is It Done?
    1. My Borrowed Methodology
      1. Insistence
      2. Persistence
      3. Consistency
  4. Persistence
    1. Donít Give Up
      1. Everyone has bad days
    2. Keep Reinforcing Reason
      1. Eventually you WILL teach her to listen to it.
    3. Think Fast
  5. Insistence
    1. Donít Let Irrational Thought Win
      1. Thought Reform
    2. Provide Incentives
      1. Chocolate and Flowers
    3. Women CAN be made somewhat logical
      1. Social conditioning
  6. Consistency
    1. Keep Pusing Logic and Rationality
      1. You can win by sheer force of will
    2. Don't Get Sloppy
      1. Unlike Canine Training
    3. Keep An Escape Plan
      1. Remember the ELH-2 Raid
  7. What About the Wenches?
    1. You Could Participate and Learn
    2. I Could Hope
    3. Just Have Some Chocolate
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