December 06, 2004


Thank Melby for this:

(note: all of my answers apply to people at school or with affiliation with the SC)

You've Known the longest: Ardith (she and I met at Heritage Weekend, sitting in Shreveport airport)
You've known the shortest: Fleetman
You love the most: God (Anna is the human I love the most)
The one thats most special: duh
You can tell anything to: Ice Cavers and Anna
Lives farthest away: Ma Hoyt
Lives closest: Ice Cavers, duh
Weirdest: Dr. Solganick
Funniest: Murray
Most Shy: toss-up: Ardith and Bryan
Quietest: Bryan
Smartest: clearly Murray
Coolest: the ever-popular Ardith
Biggest Flirt: Rachel
Sweetest: BAH!!
Cutiest: Ma Hoyt
Tallest: Bryan
Shortest: duh! (Melby is runner-up) (note that Murray is taller than Melby and Ardith)
Most outgoing: Moore
Most hyper: Rachel
Most friendly: Sharpton
Most caring: Anna (Paige wants to be caring)
Most annoying: *pleads the 5th*
Most irritating: Me
Most TRULY unique: Uncle Doug (and Murray, of course)
Most kissable: ;-)
Most confusing: Sharon (slow down, Sharon)
Most confused: Rachel
Most adorable: Ardith (in a dress)
Most crazy: Caleb Mayes
Always there for you: the Ice Cave
Always makes you laugh: FREUD!!
Always has something clever to say: The Punny Man (Martinez)
Always makes you really think: The Denizens of the Fuzzy Studies Offices
Always brightens your day: Female with Food (Anna and Paige)
Most likely to be on tv? Scott
Most likely to end up flipping burgers: Wheeler and Barbour
The ones you would like to see in person: Ma Hoyt
The one who's never been single: Paige
The one who's always single: Uncle Doug
First to get married: *coughs nervously*
The one you'd be dating if it wasn't for the boyfriend/girlfriend
(do I look that stupid to you?)
The player: Sharptiano
The heartbreaker: Murray (all the girls want to jump his bones, but none of them can)

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