October 27, 2004

My Stated Objectives

1) Pave the downward spiral into hateful, black abyss of limitless Cynicism.
2) Individualized and instituitionalized misogyny and chauvinism
3) Abuse (verbally and physically) the general populace.
4) Engage in the continual purchasing of souls.
5) Machiavellian Machinations
6) Sell souls only to the most corrupt of buyers.
7) Prejudice... just prejudice.
8) Swearing, cursing, expletives, profanity, obscenity, foul speech...
9) Kicking small animals (children included.)
10) Champion Archaic and Obscure English, especially the terms "wench", "trollop", "guttersnipe", "broad"
11) Encourage archetyping, stereotyping, and wide-sweeping generalizing
12) Belittle, Berate, Besmirch, Begrudge, Beleaguer and BeaBastard
13) Aggression and Offensiveness (driving included)
14) Enslave and oppress
15) Deadly weapons... I'm in favor of them all
16) Aestheticism... sometimes art is just art.
17) Freudian Psychoanalysis
18) Exploitative Capitalism
19) Abusive Autocracy

More objectives to come as I come up with them or as they are suggested to me... current helpful contributors include Wheeler as well as anonymous muses...

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