August 13, 2004

Entertaining Links

After surfing around for a while, I've decided that my current link selection is inadequate and will be adding the following:

Out Ioway - Ardith's parents are now blogging (actually, just her mom has posted as of now) and are entertaining me to no end. Read it, it's hillarious.

Men In Hats - I don't know why I haven't linked up any comics yet, but Men In Hats is funny and irreverant. In other words, just my style.

Something Positive - You love it, I love it, I used to steal bandwidth from them. Great comics... home of some of my favorites.

8-Bit Theatre - Amusing story-line, Black Mage, and wonderful graphics.

Queen of Wands - Home of the Grammar Nazi.

PVP - Most successful online comic ever.

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