August 08, 2004


Today, for the first time in entirely too many months, I heard an intellectually-satisfying sermon. It was a lot like getting something back that I'd forgotten I'd lost. Maybe because I've had to go without that for so long, I've stifled the need and tried forget about it, but today I was reacquainted with my long-lost friend.

I guess that brings me to my conundrum about Longview. I know I haven't visited all of the churches there, and right now I'm convinced that I'm where God wants me... but that doesn't mean that I particularly appreciate the fact that I don't get intellectual fulfillment from church except when Dr. Watson preaches.

I could search for another church... but I really hate church-shopping and in the end, I'm about out of leads anyways. Honestly, I don't know what to do at this junction. I guess I'll just ride it out to graduation and see what comes then.

All that to say is that I had forgotten how great it was to come home to intelligent sermons that stimulate the brain cells and encourage faith that is neither blind nor unreasoning. We need a church like that in Longview, Texas... badly!

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