June 22, 2004

Reasons Latin America Annoys Me

Recently, I've been reading some rather inane opinion pieces demonizing the U.S. whilst praising the merits of unimportant unowned colonies in North, Central and South America that dare to call themselves countries. As if anyone needed proof to the suckiness of these countries, I point to the most aggregious of these: Mexico.

Look, I'm not saying that the U.S. is perfect... but at least our chief exports aren't our citizens that are trying to illegally emigrate and our chief industry isn't cut-rate labor. Anyone contending that these countries are superior must explain to me why Latin American nations have the nasty proclivity to elect and continue to re-elect corrupt officials and willingly overlook illicit drug activities within their borders. And I'm talking corrupt like stealing 50% of the country's national savings and running off to another country and corrupt like allowing a giant organized crime ring to incorporate the national police force and use them as an enforcement arm... and the "politicians" get away with this.

The naysayers will contend that Latin America would be better off if it weren't for U.S. interference and that it is unfair for the United States to look down upon its southern neighbors. I will counter that at some point in the past, we all had an equal shake. We in the United States were British colonies, and that might have been advantageous... but let's face it: at a point where shipping and farming were serious business, Latin America had an extreme advantage over the United States.

In sum, I'm not saying that we don't have our own huge issues. I'd just like the peanut gallery to quit hokking a tchynik about the greatness of Latin America and the demons of my country. I'm sick of the unjustified prattle.

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