June 13, 2004


So yeah... Randy, Wheeler, Anna, Ardith, Lily and myself played Anti-Monopoly tonight. We had to coerce Wheeler, but in the end he played and enjoyed himself.

I'll make a more complete post about this sometime in the morning, but here are some quotes that I recorded during the course of the game:

"It's like being tickled when you have to pee... it just doesn't work!"

Cynic: It's a mob run by women!
Lily: It doesn't matter, we have fun... and we bake!

Wheeler: You took my last dollar Lily!
Lily: Good! I'll spend it on whores!

"We're the ones paying for it... of course we know what's going on [in Ardith's Houses of Ill Repute]!"

Ardith: Yes! I exist to cause you pain and suffering in this life!
Wheeler: That's kind of pathetic really...

"I heap loathing on top of your self-loathing!"

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