May 03, 2004

Control Freak

I must say that I am really proud of Anna for the way she's responded to the hijacking of her computer. I guess this just highlights another of those places where I have a rough edge.

My response to people goes something like this: you can say whatever you want about me, or to me... and you can even mess with me and push me around as long as you're willing to accept a likewise return, but don't mess with my stuff. Granted, I have been known to make exceptions to my own policy, but they are exceptionally rare and usually executed in retaliation and always with care for the property of others.

I don't know why I'm so protective of my stuff. Maybe it's because that's how my dad always was, or maybe it's just because for a very long time, there were few things that were just my own that I didn't have to share with my brothers. In any case, I have always felt an acute sense of responsibility and pride in my stuff. This especially extends to my computer. When people do silly little things to my computer like changing my desktop, I tend to get unreasonably upset. Granted, part of that is the fact that I'm angry at myself for not locking my computer... but most of it is just that it's mine, and it's my computer, so it's an extension of me. I don't know how it works, this is just more of a chance to note that I am proud that Anna is mature enough to handle good-natured teasing and at the same time noting that I'm not there yet and letting that serve as a warning.

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