April 24, 2004

My Ideal Job

The longer I sit and think, the more I come to the conclusion that I am uniquely talented and gifted and the sad truth of the matter is that my ethical and moral bases are in direct conflict with the fact that I am best-suited for a job as a professional criminal.

Allow me to elaborate: primarily, I am a generalist. While I am capable of focusing on a specific task at hand, I am much better at looking at a think from the top down and focusing on the big picture and comprehending the inner workings enough to allow me to manage a specialist in particular areas. Generalism notwithstanding, I am fairly well-versed in the broad field of illicit computer activity, which is nearly a necessity for the modern criminal. Beyond both of these, I have devoted many long hours in my life to understanding the application and circumvention of the law and the enforcement thereof and hold forward the aggregate of that knowledge in tandem with a facility for networking with the right sort of people as well on my way to a theoretical capacity for criminal management.

All of that said, I still do have a certain lack of practical knowledge. While I might have done a decent participation in digital misdeeds in my younger days, I have suitably reformed to the point that I would need retraining. Beyond that, I'm woefully out of touch with my paranoia, my gun skills are rusty, and I'm not in such wonderful shape to be dealing with running from police. So, I guess I should at least think twice before going into professional crime... that said, I still wish I could.

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