April 09, 2004

More On Worship

The more I've thought about it, the more I think I can break the classification of a person's outlook on worship into three groups: Intellectual, Emotional, Physical. The intellectual worshipper finds much more fulfillment in a well-researched sermon, the emotional worshipper in a poignant praise and worship service, and a physical worshipper delights in Christian service as an act of worship. Granted, these groups are not mutually exclusive and there may be some who feel as though they fall into 2 or even all 3 sections equally, but I find it to be something of a continuum where one could be strongly given to intellectual expression or equally split between intellectual and physical or something like that.

The point is, there are some people who really appreciate and can understand physical expressions of worship but cannot sing for anything and may hate listening to sermons, whereas others will have a hard time with physical expressions and emotional expressions and go for intellectual. Granted, one's categorization of individual worship styles within these expressions is somewhat open to interpretation, as someone might find leading a worship service to be a physical or even intellectual exercise, as well as some sermons being highly emotional experiences. That said, I suspect a good bit of the inability of Christians to see eye to eye has to do with an inability to relate to one another through worship.

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