March 19, 2004

Wedding Work

So yeah, I came home and get to run sound at some friends' wedding. I tend to enjoy this sort of work as it pays well, provides and interesting vantage for the whole things, and comes with the added bonus of getting to be an active part of things rather than just a spectator. Granted, as the sound guy I don't want to be noticed... but it's cool being in the know.

That said, rehearsal dinners are a pain in the butt because I sit in the back and get ignored until I have to walk up to the front where things are being rehearsed and ask questions like "Do you want me to mic you for your vows? And just how do you propose I do that?"

Fun times... wedding tomorrow, should be interesting. I must say, this is different from my typical time of running sound tech in that I will have a beautiful assistant sitting alongside me. To bed now... I have to be at the church freaking early because it's a morning wedding. Bleh...

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