March 15, 2004


I've always suspected people are idiots... but it's things like this that provide me with fuel to feed the fire and convert others to my cynical view of things.

To clarify: "What do you get when you stampede like a bunch of ignorant cattle in response to a terrorist attack and do exactly what the terrorists wanted? More terrorist attacks!"

Why do you think it is the policy of every sane government on the face of the earth not to deal with terrorists? And yet the people of Spain have sent a very clear message to the rest of the world: "Want us to go away? Want us to bend to your will? Just bomb us near election day!"

Granted, this may work in many places... and maybe it's just that Spain is an unfortunately relevant example. However, I think not. The US is just the kind of place where someone might try this... but I would almost bet on the stubborn attitude of the American public to buck something like this. I just can't see the cowardly response of "our actions have made us Al-Qaieda targets" in the US. If anything, that would solidify our resolve to go out and kill everyone in our way.

Maybe I'm just annoyed and blowing steam... but that has to be the most ignorant response to terror I've seen in some time.

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