February 29, 2004

Ethics, Part 2

It is interesting that after taking this little trip through the contemplation of ethics and everyone having a weak point in their ethical structure by which these strictures can be overruled, the sermon at church this morning seemed to have great application in that direction. The sermon was over the temptation of Jesus, using Luke 4:1-13 as the principal text.

Essentially, mulling this all over, I've come to the conclusion that while some combaination of power, fear and material will overcome just about anyone's ethics, we are called to a higher standard and Christ sets an example for us to follow. Granted, this is not an easy one and I pray for grace never to be put in a place where the buying price of my ethics is set before me. But should that day come, I hope that I have someone around to beat me before I take the money and do that which I should know better than to do.

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