February 29, 2004

Comparative Ethics

When I sit down and think about all of the experiences I've had in general and in specific interactions with individuals, my cynical perspective returns to this: "everyone's ethics are for sale, at the right price."

It's kind of like real estate in a tourist town. For the right price, this too can be yours. Granted, sometimes it's not all about dollars and cents and sometimes you have to be willing to throw something odd in to sweeten the pot like a trip in a new car or access to some power, but I would contend that just about everyone has his or her price.

Now, the redeeming thing about this is that most of our prices are fairly high, and God has been faithful to keep us from harm's way and prevent those circumstances which would surely buy our ethics from crossing our paths until after His work has carried through to the point that we are much less vulnerable, but that doesn't mean the tenet is wrong.

In short, I guess what I'm trying to get at is to wonder aloud what exactly my price is and if thinking about that can make me a bit better prepared if temptation should arise. Not that I want to glorify sin and revel in the fact that every "good Christian" has his or her own proverbial '30 pieces of silver', but rather to encourage thought about what your own buying price is, why it is that way, and what you could do to reconcile the worth of your relationship with God to that price.

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