January 20, 2004

On Friendship

Wilson and Ardith started this monster... I'm just responding to them.

Many friends of mine are known to resist interaction on a purely superficial level in the interest of not having a superficial friendships. I guess I have no qualms about this because those who interact on a superficial level tend to have no illusions about what their interaction represents and are largely willing to exist as acquaintances until such point as some closer interaction would be mutually beneficial.

On that same branch, however, I am a flawed and inferior breed of politician/businessman in that there are people whom I cannot stand. Maybe it's that they display personality flaws that I dispised in myself when I was younger, or maybe it's just that they rub me the wrong way... but there are certain people in whose presence I cannot abide. I will either vanish or, if that is impossible, become very caustic and acerbic in hopes of driving the offending party away. It's typically not a matter of elitism, simply that I can't stand some people.

When it comes right down to it, I would probably surmise that I dislike more people than I am disliked by. Granted, there is a certain stigma that comes with wearing a giant black cloak and another that comes with being openly critical of the LU administration, but all in all I would surmise that I am generally well-accepted by those whom I care for. In the end, the count reads that way mostly because I want it to... and I can probably tolerate that. I keep away those I can't stand and am disliked largely by those with whom I'd rather not associate and if that's elitism, I'm quite pleased to be an elitist.

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