February 06, 2003


I love how out of one mouth (Dr. Carl) the University encourages community and praises floor unity, out of another it despises floor unity (Matlock-Hoetzle) and in actual practice they enact policies which cannot do anything to help student unity. Have you seen our "student center"? It's a beat-down basement of our administration building. I think it says something that our student center is buried and has administration sitting right above it. It certainly has good symbolic value to it. Interestingly enough, we actually have money allocated for the rennovation of MSC-1, but admin is throwing up roadblocks all over the place for the people supposed to be using that money. God bless LU, because without that we're so damned to failure it's not even funny. Asked under what condition he would come back, a certain professor no longer with us (names removed to protect the intelligent) said, "Drop Bud... I can't teach in a place where the administration has so little respect for the faculty." Interestingly enough, the Bible department knows whom they want to lead the department and have prayed about it, but they're awaiting Admin's decision. They won't come out and say it directly, but the Bible people are afraid that Admin is looking for a spineless individual whom they can brow-beat into submission.

Anyways, enough LU-bashing for the time-being. I am apparently known, among other things, as Midnight Destroyer and Respected Mastermind according to the Wu-Name Generator. Midnight Destroyer... mmm... I like that. And even more, I love how my former roommate is Shrieking Bastard. It's amusing to me... alright?! I gave you your rant for the day... go home happy.

On a side note, the new quote/thought of the week goes up Friday, so if you have any good ones, email me or just post a comment on here or one of the original posts to that effect. Winner still gets a dew, and I doubt that I'll be having to come up with my own this week. Which is good, because I hate work far more than I hate judging the relative lack of quality of yours.

Finally, new link to Bonner, who I hit ON the head with the Mace of Justice last week when I was playing "Whack-a-Mole" with the heads of the deserving. Sorry that this post isn't particularly angsty, insightful, or informative... but even genius has off days.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at February 6, 2003 12:49 PM