February 08, 2003

Listening to Women is A Waste

It's officially Saturday and I have my quote of the week up. Stop by and get your MD sooner or later C-4, before I sell it.

The layout appears to be working... leave comments one way or the other. And if it's not configured for your display... deal. I like it to look good on mine more than I care about yours.

And finally, it would appear that my Chauvinist rhetoric is back in full swing. After all, it's now been confirmed that you can't read womens' minds... and you definitely can't tell what's on their minds simply by listening to what they're saying. So in short, either women aren't thinking when they're talking or it's just an elaborate conspiracy to talk without relaying anything important. Either way, it would appear that listening to women talking is an exercise in futility... at least that's what I'm gathering.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at February 8, 2003 04:05 AM