March 04, 2003

Business Office

The Cynic Will Exact Vengeance Upon: LU Accounting

Somehow $3000 of the money allotted to the Honduras Spring Break Mission trip went *poof* and got reallocated to the general LSM account. It took some determined harassment of LU Accounting by Lisl for them to give the money back to where it belonged (or at least most of it.) Forget Arthur Anderson, we got LU Accounting. Wait... don't we have a business department that TEACHES Accounting?

What the hell is going on over there? We need to make sure that people working at LU can pass a basic competancy exam before they start. That includes admin, accounting, and profs that can't speak a damned word of English.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at March 4, 2003 10:14 AM