March 23, 2003

No More Chai for Toad!

OK! Note to ALL: no more Chai for Toad.... EVER!!!

This evening has been spent, sitting here and observing Toad and Damian compete to see who can put their sock on with only their toes. Jeff and I have entreated them to use their hands, to no avail. Toad sat there and made chirping noises at us when we tried to use reason on him, Damian just mocked Toad. Interesting quotes from the evening include:

"Stupid big toe... you are too big... you suck." Toad to "that toe"

Toad: "Bah! That sucks. I hate it when the tongue does that... See, the tongue keeps falling in!"
Jeff: "That's why we have HANDS!"
Toad: "That's why I don't have my sock on... I don't have enough feet to put it on."
Jeff: "That's why you have HANDS!"

Damian: "I'd like to see you stick those wires in those little holes [on the breadboard]"
Toad: "Bah, I'd just use a soldering iron... putting it in the breadboard is too hard..."

Cynic: "Hit him"
Jeff: "He'd enjoy that too much... I'm tormenting him more by not hitting him."
Damian: "Damn you!"

Jeff: "OK! Note to ALL: no more Chai for Toad.... EVER!!!"

Cynic: "I'm going to take this piece of pumice and shove it down your throat."
Toad: "Bah! I have a shoe on..."

Toad: "Damian is a co-conspirator. A fellow in the faith of foot and toes!"

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at March 23, 2003 04:02 AM