July 03, 2003


It's the morning, I'm tired and all of that. Much as I would have liked to get that shot yesterday, it still looms big in my forecast today. Thinking back, I don't think I can remember but one or two shots that I didn't loathe entirely: some Hepatitus B shots that I had to get back in junior high. The rest of them have been miserable events to say the least.

I can still remember the first shot I had to get in conscious memory. I don't remember why it was such a traumatic ordeal (other than that they were poking me with a needle) to start with, but my father was teasing me about it for about a year prior to it and my brothers caught on. I seem to remember them making up some stupid little ditty with which to torment me in reference to this event. And they wonder why shots bug me. After they stuck me with the needle, they had to give me smelling salts to prevent me from fainting.

Next event on record (as best as I can figure) would be somewhere around age 10 or 12 I had to get a cholesterol test. This isn't as bad as a shot, it's worse. Especially when the pathetic nurse pricked my thumb with a lancet and was trying to milk a thimbleful of blood out of it. This process took at least a minute and it was sickening me quickly to watch her nurse my blood out of my arm. I started getting queasy and warned her that I was going to throw up. She didn't listen and kept milking and sure enough boom! all over the stupid nurse. She deserved it. On the other hand, come to think of it, it may be bad karma from this even that keeps getting me barfed on. Anyways... suffice to say it wasn't a pretty sight.

Now, I've never been overseas to the point that I needed extra vaccination, and I've never needed allergy shots. I think if either were true of me, I'd probably have gone crazy. Beyond these events, there was the Hepatitus B shot where the nurse left the needle sitting in my arm for an extra 5 seconds and I nearly killed her or the anesthesia IV that kept falling out as I was prepped for having my wisdom teeth removed... so suffice to say I've got a wonderful track record with needles. Sounds like lots of fun and games in store for today, let me tell you what...

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at July 3, 2003 07:33 AM