July 14, 2003


I would like to post in solidarity with Randy on the topic of NASCAR. For my part, I must admit with a smug grin that I am a yankee in good-standing and as such don't have family (that I will claim) that have an inclination to watch this retarded "sport." Granted, everyone can claim from a perspective that most sporting events are lacking in entertainment value, skill requirement, physical exertion and the like, but NASCAR really takes the cake.

Physical exertion? Even the roughest driving conditions imaginable aren't that physically exerting. There is definitely a mental level here, but if that's your only claim to fame, go drag chess into the ring. At least there is a good deal of skill required here, so I can give them credit... this doesn't make it a sport persay, but at least I can allow that they are competing. The biggest beef I have with NASCAR, besides the fact that it isn't any more of a sport by any definition that I can figure than mowing the lawn, is that it's SO BORING. Some of you would say the same about baseball, and you're entitled to your opinion... but come on, 300 laps on the same course with only the occasional wreck to liven things up? That's ridiculous.

Anyways, that's my take on NASCAR. Indy-car, stock-car and other-car are more or less the same. I'll tolerate drag-racing, because it's a quarter mile and around about the time I get bored, they're done.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at July 14, 2003 11:19 AM