July 30, 2003

Could I pull the trigger?

Could I pull the trigger? Hell yes. To kill? Without question. The first shot might be to maim if I think I can pull it off, but that would only be to make sure I'm not killing a friend or family member. After I verify that, the second bullet is going in. I don't believe in leaving live enemies behind to return to bother me at a later date. A cruel philosophy to be sure, but let's remember who pointed the gun at who first. Don't start something you're not willing to finish.

When would I pull the trigger? Endanger friends, family, loved ones, or maybe even just innocent people. Not sure on that last one, considering that I'm a private citizen and I really don't want to be getting involved in something that is going to get me potentially shot at by the police. But failing that, I think I'd be willing to kill someone to save innocents. Is there a slippery slope involved? Perhaps. Am I making a judgment call as to who lives and dies? Yes. Am I comfortable making this decision? About someone who is trying to kill my friends and family? Definitely. About someone who is trying to kill innocent people? Probably. Will I flinch before I pull the trigger? No... I'll leave the sorting things out to after I am out of potential danger.

Any takers care to take exception to my philosophy? Leave a message after the beep.

Disturbed Link of the Day: Best Tract Ever! (thanks Shem and Damian)

Days Until I'm Back at School: 2
Days of Living in a Shitty Apartment: 34 and holding
Days Until Summer is Over: 24
Days Since it Last Rained : who cares?

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at July 30, 2003 10:07 AM