September 12, 2003

New Yellow Jacket

"Hey, it's a new Yellow Jacket... let's read it! Wait a minute... this thing doesn't have a back page on it... I'm gonna go steal one from the stack that does. Hey! None of them have back pages!"

Thus began my experience reading the Yellow Jacket (the LU student newspaper this morning.) I suggest you go pick it up. It's funny in the sense that watching a retard try to color a picture with crayons is hillarious... translation: it's an abortive attempt at self-expression on the part of the editorial staff that should have ended in mass suicide but by an inexplicable act of God ended up in a published format, readily available for school-wide faculty, staff and student perusal. I'm going to go kipe 20 or 30 copies so that I can mail them to my enemies and break one out to burn it every now and again for catharsis.

I really can't do this thing justice in review, but suffice to say that the blank last page epitomizes the fact that this thing just sucks horribly. In short, it doesn't have a consistent style method (different fonts, sizes and methods of doing by-lines, titles and captions abound to the point that it looks like someone should have dropped in an article in a foreign language or alphabet somewhere), othing is justified, half of the pictures are pixellated and/or out of proportion, there are pages where entire words are lost off the edge of the page, the editorial page is a train-wreck of bad bios and irrelevant pictures, there are articles with no columns, a page consisting entirely of a 3-paragraph press release of unexplained significance and a gramatically offensive advertisement (with unrelated clip-art) and the list goes on...

I think I'm going to sit here and admire how much this thing sucks. Oh, on a bright note, at least the entirety of the editorial staff and contributing authors have their names, pictures and bios in the paper. That says something for accountability... or stupidity. No way in hell I'd sign on to this... and if I had, I would leave the school or preferably the country subsequent to seeing the paper.

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at September 12, 2003 03:31 AM