October 10, 2003

I Need a Creative Scam!

I was sitting in class today and pondering about live in general and came to the conclusion that it would be really nice to have a car of my own. The problem here being money. I'm not sure as to the solution as of yet, but I'm thinking that with the help of my clever friends and readership we could probably think up something. I know that there has to be a gimmick, or internet stunt of some variety that hasn't been done that we could do to scam some money together.

Really, I don't even really need a car, I just want us to come up with some scheme to scare a lot of money up so we can go down in infamy with such millionares as the creators of:

1) Pogs
2) Pet Rocks
3) Beanie Babies
4) Slap Bracelets
5) Pez Dispensers
6) Troll Dolls
7) Tamagotches

Posted by Vengeful Cynic at October 10, 2003 03:14 AM