November 02, 2003

Fall Fest

Well... it's Sunday and if this November is like the last two, things will get much worse before they get any better. Which is probably a dangerous sign considering that I'm tired and stressed-out as is. At least I got to be a bum with my friends yesterday and ended up going to Fall Fest for the first time and with a very lovely date at that. I generally had a good time at Fall Fest, got to sit with some fairly interesting Freshmen, and got to see Ardith look absolutely stunning, all dressed up as 2A's queen. I once read an article somewhere that young men tend to forget the beauty of the women around them because the women tend to dress down to our level. After last night, I can't help but note how true that is.

Following Fall Fest, Anna and I found Wilson and went to the Chai Party. Afterwards we wandered some and ended up back on ELH2 just in time for Anna's headache to develop into a full-blown migraine. After open dorms ended, Wilson and I left behind my ailing girlfriend as we were kicked out to wander and discuss the greater philosophical meanings of life. This terminated with a trip to Caleb's room, where I hung out with the D&D crew there (Wilson excused himself early on) and participated in "Satanic Saturdays" as the DM's NPC monkey until it wee hours in the morning on Sunday.

Church was interesting today... I remembered again that while I love Saint Mike's, we do have some fairly fundamental differences of theology including the sacraments of eucharist and baptism. It's still a great place to be and I'll continue on there until such time as the Lord prompts me on to elsewhere.

Oh... and because you've been feeling neglected on my links, here's a good news story and here's what you've been waiting for...

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