February 13, 2007

Dissed and Dismissed (Updated)

Well, isn't this interesting: Christian filmmakers bite back at the critics who spurn them (great headline there). Peter Chattaway reviewed The Last Sin Eater a few days ago for Christianity Today, and on the same day he got a rather whiny e-mail from one Brian Bird, the writer/producer of the movie.

Chattaway then discovered that a radio interview with the director, Michael Landon Jr., was also conducted last week by Paul Edwards of The Center for the Study of God & Culture. In that interview, Chattaway's review was quoted at Landon, who also responded to it, though much more dismissively.

Chattaway responds politely, but without apology:

"I [...] hope that 'contemporary Christian filmmakers' can avoid falling into the trap of insinuating that just because they make films with a Christian agenda, it necessarily follows that we are all now obliged to say nice things about their movies."

Well said. I find that I have many thoughts on the subject, but that it would probably be just as worthwhile to send readers along to the link above to read for themselves. Go take a look.

Feb. 15

It's not over yet over there. The aforementioned Paul Edwards has floated into Chattaway's comment section for a little back-and-forth action. Great reading, no matter whose side you're on.

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