August 23, 2004

Please tell me this is a dream, Part IV

I just couldn't stand it anymore . . . I had to have a fix. So I went to Godeke Public Library and checked out four copies of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I also looked for "Hamlet" and "The Importance of Being Earnest" but they didn't have a single copy of either one. I was disgusted. Then I rounded up the cousins and the brothers and we dove right in.

Micah- Lysander, Philostrate, Flute/Thisby, Moth
Myself- Demetrius, Egeus, Bottom/Pryamus, Puck
Ashley- Hermia, Titania, Quince/Prologue, Peaseblossom
Audra- Helena, Hippolyta, Snug/Lion, Cobweb, 1st Fairy
Brett- Theseus, Oberon, Starveling/Moonshine, Demetrius
Ian- Snout/Wall, Mustardseed, 2nd Fairy, Theseus

I think everyone had fun . . . *shrugs* I know I had fun. Brett couldn't seem to figure out how to play a character who wasn't flamboyantly gay . . . or at the very least, effeminate . . . That got old fast. Ian changed his accent every time he had a line, but each one was funny. Micah has gotten some acting experience under his belt since the last time I worked with him, and he did well. The girls were solid.

I enjoyed myself, and I can't wait for the new season to begin.

However, I can't pass over the opportunity that is before me here. I had my own midsummer night's dream, you see.

Here on the eve of my 21st birthday I dreamed that I died in a car wreck on the way back to LeTourneau, but that I had a few days to tie up loose ends with people there, in ghost form.

Scholl proved especially difficult to deal with, berating me loudly for "not trying hard enough" to get back alive. I blame him for the dream . . . That's all I have to say.

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