August 12, 2004

West Texas Update #1

I've been composing three or four blogposts off and on for probably three days now, and one in particular for about 36 solid hours (all in my head, of course . . . there's nothing in any concrete form whatsoever).

Problem: I can't bring my eyes into focus for any serviceable length of time.

Causes: 1) Five hours of sleep on Tuesday night, followed by my last morning of work, followed by an afternoon of last-minute errands and packing, followed by an evening of airplane travel and being delayed in Dallas, followed by an entire night of playing Halo with Brett instead of sleeping. 2) Being with family.

Possible Solutions: ? (Probably nothing that involves blogging, yet here I sit.)

I am currently at my Grandma's house in Southland, enjoying a recorded production of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" that a few of my esteemed cousins from Virginia (Mieke-Beth and Aaron) performed in. I am amused.

And . . . yeah. Eyes still not focusing. I guess I'll just leave it at that. I might be in bed sometime soon, or I might be up all night again. I spent a portion of this evening playing around with the Jung Typology Test. I have, apparently, completely made the metamorphosis from INTJ, as I came up ESFP. Ashley and Audra both got INFJ, and Micah got ISFJ.

Tomorrow morning I have to drive my pickup back to my parents' house in Plainview so my mom can get to the airport (she'll be in Dallas for the weekend), and then . . . Who knows? I can already tell that these next two weeks will see me doing the old ping-pong ball routine between Lubbock, Southland, and Plainview. Ick.

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