March 28, 2004

"When Great Minds Collide," or "Ker-splat!"

So, I'm digging through My Documents because it contains about 5,500 files and it's taking up over 11 Gb and I thought a little spring cleaning might be in order. You never know what I might have saved on here for no reason in particular. And I found the following saved AIM conversation that I had with Wilson a few months back during missions emphasis week. I had just been to see that "Behind the Sun" movie, or whatever-the-heck it was called. Wow. Observe . . .

Wheeler: Well, I'm back

Wilson: He's back!

Wheeler: :-D

Wilson: He's smiling!

Wheeler: lol

Wilson: He's laughing out loud!

Wheeler: Ha!!! so predictable . . .

Wilson: He's predictable!

Wheeler: d'oh!

Wilson: He's Homer Simpson!

Wheeler: *is still laughing*

Wilson: He's still laughing!

Wheeler: Anyway, did you hear about the things and the stuff?

Wilson: He's asking a question!

Wilson: No.

*insert random discussion of how I got in to see the movie*

Wheeler: *shrugs*

Wilson: He's shrugging!

Wheeler: heh

Wilson: He's scoffing!

Wheeler: The movie really was decent (although we made fun of it throughout)

Wilson: He's being charitable!

Wheeler: quite

*brief discussion of the movie itself*

Wheeler: Bah. Christian movies

Wilson: Bah.

Wheeler: He's a sheep!

Wilson: He's not very perceptive!

Wheeler: touche

Wilson: He's French!

Wheeler: He's about to meet an unfortunate end!

Wilson: He's threatening me!

Wheeler: Straight up!

Wilson: He's describing the methods he will use!

Wheeler: *is confused*

Wheeler: *doesn't want to know*

Wilson: He's confused!

Wilson: He's naive!

Wheeler: He's having it made too easy for him!

Wilson: He's being a spoil-sport!

Wheeler: Me?! Never . . . I'm making it easy for you!

Wilson: He's being easy!

Wheeler: See?!?!?!?!

Wilson: He's asking me about my visual skills!

Wheeler: My point has been most effectively made . . .

Wilson: He's sharpening points!

Wilson: He's a swordsmith!

Wilson: He's an armorer!

Wilson: He's a knife sharpener!

Wilson: He's a pencil sharpener!

Wheeler: Are you quite done?

Wilson: He's impatient!

Wheeler: He's impetuous!

Wilson: He's accusatory!

Wheeler: He's defensive!

Wilson: He's offensive!

Wheeler: He's got no case!

Wilson: He's one to talk!

Wheeler: He's being random!

Wilson: He's being petty!

Wheeler: He's being ugly! (Wait, you said "petty")

Wilson: He's being deaf!

Wheeler: He's being tech-impaired! (One doesn't hear through this medium . . .)

Wilson: He's pedantic!

Wheeler: He's contentious!

Wilson: He's annoying!

Wheeler: He's a pest!

Wilson: He should know!

Wheeler: He's using cheap tactics again!

Wilson: He fancies himself a tactician!

Wilson: (Or an economist!)

Wheeler: He's using a fancy form of "I know you are but what am I?"!

Wilson: He's not capitalizing or spacing!

Wilson: He's being verbose!

Wheeler: He's not!

Wilson: He's pathetic!

Wheeler: *Drat, I was so sure we'd done that one already*

Wilson: He's dejected!

Wheeler: He's right!

Wilson: Well, I need to get some work done.

Wilson: On that note...

Wheeler: He needs to get some work done!

Wheeler: j/k

Wheeler: talk to you later

Wilson: OK.

So much fun . . .

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