October 06, 2003

Exit Diff. Eq.

I am sitting in Differential Equations right now. No, it's alright, I don't need to pay attention. I'm dropping. Moore is sitting next to me working on his blog as well. No, it's alright, he doesn't need to pay attention. He's just smart like that. I have left the drop option open since the beginning of the semester with certain contingencies clearly in mind. First, this class must not drag my GPA into the gutter. Second, and more importantly, this class must not detract from my main focus, which is delightfully fuzzy in nature and does not take kindly to the competition.

The contingencies have not been met to my full satisfaction. It sort of hinged on this first test grade, but I was prepared to fudge the grade I was shooting for as much as necessary short of an A in order to justify dropping based on my other criteria. Most especially being taken into consideration is the "Honors" requirement of two one-hour seminars at the Sophomore and Junior level. If I insist on forging ahead with this Mathematics minor that I am so very fond of, I'll be looking forward to two semesters of 19 hours apiece. Is that worth taking three classes just for the hell of it? Not really. I'm dropping.

Direct quote from Ms. Knouse: "Sorry about my cynicism here." Never fear, I shall direct her to where she needs to go.

Dr. Watson gave a devo on Song of Solomon this morning, and of course, it started off with a brief segue into one of his wonderful stories. This story can be effectively summed up with the following.

Direct quote from a pastor at a church which Dr. Watson formerly attended: "If you think Song of Solomon has anything to do with sex, you have a dirty mind."

Direct quote from Dr. Watson, sitting in the congregation, in response to this idiocy: "D'oh!"

And now, a word from our sponsor.

Ummm . . . wrong link. Sorry folks. Disregard that last bit of information. And now, an actual word from our actual sponsor that is not made up, at all.

The bell!!! Time to go drop. More later.

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