October 09, 2003

So, like, desks are more comfortable than beds?

Question of the day: What was the topic in today's Western Civ class?

Answer: The Emergence of Medieval Civilization

Question: How do you know?

Answer: When I woke up at the end of class there was a handout with the topic listing sitting in front of me.

I am getting pretty sick of falling asleep in Western Civ, but I'm at something of a loss as to how to stay awake. I'm averaging about 4 hours of sleep on the nights before that class for the time being. I stay awake in Bib Lit, sometimes. If I've stayed awake, then I'm somewhat alert when I get into WC, but it doesn't take long for that to wear off. If I've been sleeping in BL, on the other hand (which has happened a lot lately), then I can barely drag myself over to Glaske before I totally zonk on the desk in front of me.

Today was especially bad. Woodring handed back our tests at the end of class, and it took my full effort (even though I hung on, to an extent, during the lecture) to get up to the podium and pick it up without looking completely like one of the walking dead. I was already asleep in the WC classroom five minutes before it was supposed to start. The only thing I remember is when he passed out that handout. Outside of that I have no memory of anything that took place in that classroom today. It sucks.

I would move to the front, but I kinda got stuck in the back when he did the seating chart the day I was almost late. Anyway, I'm doing alright grade-wise, but I would really like to be able to pay attention. I'll keep experimenting with different things . . . sleep during the night before, for example . . . until I hit on that certain something that'll keep me up.

Anyway, I took the big English Lit mid-term on Wednesday. Out of a study guide of some 30 items, Dr. Watson snags 10 to put on the test, you write a paragraph about eight of them. We're talking 25-50 words minimum. I'm still not sure how I wrote a thorough but concise description of Anglo Saxon Warrior Society. What can I say? I'm one with the Fuzz. I'm fairly confident that I did okay. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

*Is reminded of random fact.* Yay! One class tomorrow . . . I'll be done for the week by 12:15. Good stuff. And now it's time for me to go watch Finding Nemo with the crew. You should watch it too. It's worth the trouble. Farewell for now.

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