June 26, 2006

Music Videos

EDIT: Added more videos. Newest ones are italicized.

Yes, I know. I have all but stopped posting stuff altogether. I don't really have an excuse other than I rarely feel like writing anything here for now.

To help fill the empty void left by everything I am not writing, I decided to share the music videos to random favorite songs I have had over the past several years. This idea springs from accidentally finding a music video on YouTube and remembering being asked on numerous occasions what music I like.

Before following any links, however, please note the following:

1. I have tried to choose my favorite song from each band listed. I know for a fact that I like more of each band's songs.

2. This list is by no means exhaustive. Bands were chosen simply by coming to mind. I am sure I will add to this at later dates.

3. Many of these videos may contain content some of the more conservative viewers may consider . . . questionable. I will provide a content warning to those videos I feel need it.

4. These are relatively large files and may take a long time to load, especially if you have a slow connection. For reference, loading times at LETU have taken anywhere between ten seconds and two minutes.

Linkin Park: Crawling
Adema: Giving In (Content warning)
Korn: Thoughtless (Content warning)
The Killers: Somebody Told Me
Three Days Grace: Animal I Have Become
Green Day: American Idiot
Garbage: Only Happy When It Rains
The All-American Rejects: Dirty Little Secret
Marilyn Manson: Tainted Love (Content warning)
Disturbed: Forsaken
Pearl Jam: Jeremy
Incubus: Warning<
AFI: The Leaving Song, Part 2

Black Eyed Peas: Pump It
Gorrilaz: Feel Good Inc.
Anna Nalick: Breathe (2 AM)
Madonna: Frozen (It took me way too long to find this. I couldn't remember the song's name.)
Gavin Degraw: Chariot
Sting: Desert Rose

Rent: La Vie Boheme A (Content warning)
Moulin Rouge: El Tango de Roxanne (Content warning, maybe)

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June 07, 2006

And You Are. . .?

One of the more interesting aspects of journalism is that I must talk to multiple people for every story I must write. Occasionally, I can gather all the information I need over the phone. Most of the time, though, I must actually meet and talk with people face to face.

Some stories only require me to talk with two or three people, and some require me to talk to more than five. As such, I generally introduce myself to at least four people every day while working. Since I have done quite a few "human interest" stories, I believe I can accurately say most of these people have never spoken with a reporter before. That fact, along with my long hair in this conservative area, helps many of them remember who I am. I doubt they remember my name for very long, but they definitely remember I am a reporter.

I, on the other hand, have a rather difficult time remembering who they are unless they were the main subject of the story itself. Covering one story today, I saw at least four people I knew I had met previously through other stories. I only knew the name of one of them. I struggled to remember at the very least what story I was working on when I met the others, and I think I know what I was doing when I talked with one.

I mentioned this to one of the other reporters. He laughed, and he told me I should "get used to it." He said it is even stranger when you meet them outside of a professional context. He had a man walk up to him while he was eating out the other day. The guy asked him if he had written any big stories lately. They spoke briefly, and he spent the entire meal trying to remember who that man was. He finally remembered as he finished eating, and he spoke with the man again before leaving.

Other reporters in the office have joked about names during work. When one reporter told me that I "look like a Steve," a few of them began to laugh. Seeing my slightly confused facial expression, he explained that we work with so many names they totally run together.

It's kind of tragic, really. I'm bad enough about forgetting names as it is.

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