June 05, 2007

I'm Back!

After a long struggle with Longview Cable, I have finally attained access to the glorious digital lifeline we call the internetz. I've spent several hours striving to catch up on the many things I've missed. Primarily, of course, that task consisted of reading lots of webcomic and blog archives.

On the job front, I've started my internship. Because I have an additional intern to compete with for stories, my work load has been a tad lighter this summer. That may change in the near future, however, as I have just convinced the editors to let me take over one of the beats normally covered by a full-time reporter. As this will be my first attempt at real beat reporting, it should be a learning experience.

My roommate and I are getting along rather well. For those who don't know, my new roommate is also a reporter with the paper. While I work a "normal" day shift, she works the afternoon/evening shift. As such, we may see each other for an hour or two outside of the office. For most of the day, one of us is either asleep or at work. Since we each have our own little room, it's very convenient. I'm starting to like the quiet.

Anyway, that's all for now. More stuff will come later, I'm sure.

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