November 16, 2006

"Very Low Food Security"

The USDA has a new classification for Americans who have limited access to food. They aren't "hungry." They have "very low food security." Of course, some anti-hunger advocates claim the new wording "sugarcoat[s] a national shame."

Instead of focusing on the semantics, I'd like to look at the statistics cited. According to the USDA, 35 million Americans households--12% of the population--are classified as having either "low food security" or "very low food security." Over one-tenth of the American population does not eat well. Our nation is one of the fattest in the world, but one-tenth of Americans worry about getting enough food. And that percentage has been increasing for the past five years.

I'm having a very difficult time comprehending that statistic. How is it possible that this country has such a large number of "hungry" people? I don't understand how the percentage is that high and growing. What is wrong with this country that so many people are afraid of "going hungry"?

One out of every ten households. Unbelievable.

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