July 24, 2006

Yet Another Work Related Post

Random thoughts from work:

1) It's odd for the county judge to know me by name.
2) It's odd for the chief of police to know me by name.
3) I've encountered at least three LETU grads working for/with Longview.
4) There aren't mediocre public information officers/public relations people. They either rock or suck. There is no middle ground.
5) Many journalists are left-of-center politically, but they generally hide it really well.
6) Staying objective in the face of stupidity is much harder than most would think.
7) Interviewing a child (or teenager) that will say something more than "It was fun" or "I like it" makes me feel happy.
8) My favorite leads are always the ones that would result in a stern lecture if I submitted them to an editor and in a lawsuit if published.

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