August 31, 2005

Classes Begin

This is beginning to look like an interesting semester. Here is a quick rundown of my classes.

Elementary Spanish I:
This class looks like it will be ridiculously simple. I studied Spanish in high school for three years, but between then and now I have forgotten the vast majority of what I once knew. However, the results of the placement test we took indicated I should be in Elementary Spanish II.

Western Civilization to 1715:
Comments reserved until after the second class period

American Foreign Policy:
There is going to be a rather interesting class dynamic here. There is quite a wide variety of personalities, including at least one person who chose this class because he didn't want to take another "American History" class. This is also the first class I have had with Nathan in quite some time, unless I've forgotten something.

The workload seems interesting. I have a minimum of fifteen pages I will need to write for this class. I'll also have four tests.

Literary Criticism:
I have a feeling that this class will contain the bulk of my work for this semester. I will need to write twenty journals and a formal paper. This will result in a minimum of twenty-five pages, but it will more likely end around thirty or so pages. An incredible amount of reading is necessary for all of that, of course. There is also the requisite group presentation.

The class itself looks promising, despite all that. How can you not like a class that will involve discussing meaning in literature?

Reading the Bible as Literature:
I have not yet had this class.

Senior Honors Seminar:
I have not yet had this class.

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