July 14, 2005

Public Relations

Topics like this are what really make me disappointed that written words can not accurately portray the tone of a person's voice. If they could, you would know just how much I despise public relations people. Let me explain.

In my journalism seminar last night, our guest speaker was the vice president of a major PR firm in DC. I went into this class with an open mind. I knew that many journalists hate PR firms, but I thought I would at least listen to the perspective of the firms. The speaker preceded to tell us all about PR and how those who work PR should try to make the journalists' job as easy as possible. "Be persistent without being pesky," she advised.

She later went on to contradict her advice completely. "When you or your client are invited on television or talking with reporters, come up with two or three main messages and--no matter what is asked--always find a way back to those messages." "Never answer a hypothetical question." "Always push the message you want to get out."

This, in my opinion, is part of the reason media quality has declined as much as it has. No one will actually answer the questions that are asked. This is part of the reason that the American public is so ignorant when it comes to everything.

This firm represents clients in a large variety of areas. It has politicians, authors, special interest groups, commentators, and a variety of others. It seems that in today's world anyone who is anyone needs a PR team. If someone wants to be known, he or she must pay someone else to manipulate the public. It is disgusting.

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