July 08, 2005


I have about three weeks left in DC. I have two weeks of classes left at Georgetown. As such, my professors and employer have decided to give me an obscene amount of work.

This weekend I need to research and write a seven-page minimum Economics paper because I won't have another long stretch of time to work on it before it will be due. I must begin studying for the second Economics test on this upcoming Thursday.

I need to write an op-ed piece, which will include quite a bit of research into the topic of my choice (most likely national shield laws for journalists), for my Journalism Seminar. I must also conduct an interview with a professional journalist in the DC area and begin writing a seven-page paper for the same seminar.

Over the weekend, I will need to create five story ideas (and write a "brief" description of each) for the magazine at which I intern. If my supervisor likes any of them, I will get to write one of them. I also have just less than a thousand stories I need to organize before my last day of work.

Thankfully, my ethics professor has decided not to add to this burden. Yet.

If I can survive this week, which I believe will be the busiest and most stressed of my educational career, the rest of the summer should be practically easy-going.

On the plus side, I do have a White House briefing at some point in the next few weeks. I am quite excited about that.

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