June 02, 2005

Defending Sin City

I found this article incredibly offensive, and I don't even read comic books.

Are the women in Sin City portrayed as sexual objects? Yes, they are. However, there is a reason for this.

Look at the title of the movie. What is it? Sin City? Are you expecting bunnies and rainbows? The movie portrays a number of seedy characters fighting for what they feel is right and/or just. These seedy characters include a gang of prostitutes, a dumb and medicated murderer, a stripper (who is never actually nude on-screen), an old cop, a lesbian parole officer (I think), and another criminal whose original crime I can not remember. They fight various villains, including a priest, a politician and his pedophile son, a corrupt cop, and a creepy cannibal played by Elijah Wood.

This movie features men and women at the bottom of society fighting against the actions of corrupt men in power in order to survive. I did not leave Sin City feeling contempt against those at the bottom. I actually sympathized with them and felt that most of their actions were justified. I did, however, feel contempt for those in power that forced those men and women to fight for survival.

I can not find misogynistic elements in this film, and I fail to understand how one can take characters from a movie that revolves around "lowlifes" and argue that all "comic book geeks" have a "fundamental" hatred of women.

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