April 11, 2005


I found this far too funny not to share. I may have found this so funny because I occasionally mumble things in my sleep, of course, but I'll let you decide.

Found via metaquotes:

During 7th and 8th grade, I attended a boarding school in upstate New Hampshire. I always got along well with my roommates and appreciated such an interesting repore. The only thing I couldn't stand was being woken up in the middle of the night.

One evening, shortly after going to bed, I heard my roommate Tyler loudly whispering to me...

"Ben!" I didn't respond, a little confused. "Ben!" With this second call, I sat upright and looked across the room. "Hey Ben!"

"What?" I said in an exacerbated tone.

"Quickly, come this way!"


"Come on! Or they'll get you!"

"Who'll get me?"

"The Monsters! Dammit, Ben, they're almost here!" By this time I had realized it was a dream, so I was slightly intruiged but still annoyed. "Come on, Ben! Let's go!"


"Watch out for the cliff! Don't get too close or you'll fall!"

I paused for a moment, a smile breaking out over my face. This was my chance. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I cried out, tailing off as if I had fallen.

"NO! BEN!"

He didn't say anything after that, but the next morning he told me he had a weird dream where I fell off a cliff while running from monsters.


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